New MOPH Substance Use Strategy is LGBT Inclusive

The Ministry of Public Health just launched their new Substance Use Strategy 2016-2021 and it’s very inclusive of LGBT individuals.

LebMASH had consulted with the MOPH earlier in 2015 on their mental health strategy and this is clearly showing in their new plan on strategic plan on substance use.

The plan mentions positive court rulings in favor of LGBT individuals despite the ongoing discrimination especially due to the misinterpretation of the article 534 of the Lebanese  penal code.

The plan also cites that “as a coping mechanism [against stigma], some members of this community [LGBT] resort to […] substance use (mainly alcohol use)”.

Finally, the plan recommends the training of “professionals working in rehabilitation centers on [a] tailored approach for the LGBT Community”.

To read more check the complete “MOPH Substance Use Strategy 2016-2021” click here.

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