Break The Silence

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health LebMASH calls on students in any health field who are interested in sexual health and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) health to apply for the annual “Break the Silence” grant.

Every year, LebMASH offers students an opportunity to win full sponsorship to attend an international medical conference.To win this grant, students compete by submitting a review-of-literature or research paper about sexual health or health of sexual minorities in Lebanon. The winner is awarded 1,500 USD to cover their transportation and accommodation. LebMASH partners with GLMA’s annual conference to waive the conference registration fee for the winner. Students are expected to bring back to their schools and peers what they learned abroad. They are encouraged to present their experience and to also publish it online. LebMASH board members will mentor the winner, as well as interested non-winning participants, to publish qualified papers in peer-reviewed medical journals.
Below are our previous BTS winners.

Year : 2019

1st Prize Winner: Johnny Zakhour
Title of Paper: Patients-Upcoming Physicians Relationship in the LGBT Community in Lebanon: Two Points of View
2nd Prize Winner: Aya Touma Sawaya
Title of Paper: The Representation of Homosexual Individuals in Lebanese Media

Year : 2018

1st Prize Winner: Reem Nehme
Title of Paper: Parental and Romantic Attachment Styles in Homosexual and Heterosexual Men in Lebanon
2nd Prize Winner: Rebecca Cattan
Title of Paper: Mental Health Considerations in LGBT People

Year : 2017

1st Prize Winner: Emile Whaibeh
Title of Paper: SWOT Analysis of Antiretroviral Therapy Management in Lebanon
2nd Prize Winner: Dounia Iskandarani
Title of Paper: Cervical Cancer & HPV Screening: A Pending Matter in Lebanon

Year : 2016

Winner: Sara Michley
Title of Paper: Exploring the risk and protective factors against internalized homonegativity in a sample of Lebanese individuals with same-sex desires

Year : 2015

Winner: Ahmad Abu Mohammad
Title of Paper: The need for mental health research within the LGBT community in Lebanon

Year : 2014

Winner: Ramy Shukr
Title of Paper: There’s Lots More to ‘Gay’: Stressors, Identity, and Community among Gay Men in Beirut

Year : 2013

Winner: Antoun Khoury
Title of Paper: Virginity & Hymenoplasty from a socio-medical perspective

Year : 2012

Winner: Omar Harfouch
Grant offered based on CV – no paper competition that year