LebSOURCE: An online Multimedia Resource

LebSOURCE (Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) Multimedia Resource Center) is a LebMASH program that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and resources via a multimedia resource center that can be accessed online from anywhere and at any time while ensuring secrecy, privacy, and confidentiality. LebSOURCE will include a multitude of resources for LGBT individuals, healthcare professionals and others in languages spoken in Lebanon, Arab countries, and MENA region. It is imperative to make the material available in Arabic in addition to English and French.

LebSOURCE is designed to produce leaders in LGBT health in Lebanon, Arab countries, and MENA region by fostering education, resources, and professional development opportunities for healthcare providers, LGBT individuals themselves, parents of LGBT individuals, teachers in schools, and LGBT health advocates. LebSOURCE will increase training and knowledge among current and future providers in addition to the general public to foster an affirmative health care experiences for LGBT individuals in Lebanon, Arab countries, and MENA region. Also, professionals who refer to LebSOURCE will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide culturally sensitive and affirmative care for LGBT individuals in their own native language. Additionally, families with LGBT members will have information and be empowered to accept and love their LGBT loved one which would promote their health and well-being.