Meeting with students from CHanGE program in Belgium through UCOS

The University Centre for Development Cooperation in Belgium (UCOS), we were put in contact with UCOS ( is a Belgian NGO that wishes to contribute to sustainable human development, by promoting global citizenship among Belgian higher education students. This goal is pursued by organizing courses, seminars, training sessions and international exchanges for students. One of their main projects is called CHanGE (Campaign for sexual Health and Gender Equality), in which they support students in the struggle for global gender equality and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Each year, they work intensively with a group of young CHanGEmakers, offering them an intensive preparation process, after which they travel to one of our partner countries all over the globe. After meeting with a representative from UCOS a few months back, we were put in contact with a few CHanGEmakers, who visited Lebanon and our offices. These students met with our executive director Souad Al Challah and expressed their interest in assisting LebMASH through internship opportunities. We look forward to working with them!