NEDWA 2019

Inspired by the growing landscape of movements for sexuality, gender, and bodily rights in the MENA region, the annual conference NEDWA by the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality was launched on September 27th under the theme “Stronger Roots for Stronger Alliances”

“We believe that the basis of any strong movement lies in its roots. NEDWA will be drawing from the MENA region’s successes and best practices to feed into our movements’ resilience, protective mechanisms, collective care, and communal healing. Secure roots empower resilient and far-reaching branches through which the work can flourish and bear its fruits. Our branches are our alliances; they carry our voice and allow us to persist in the face of great adversity.” (AFE)

LebMASH was represented at this year’s NEDWA conference by our Administrative Associate Saleem Zein, who got to meet with the leading LGBT activists and organizations across the MENA region. The conference hosted several panels and workshops that brought all stakeholders together for a fruitful experience of knowledge exchange and networking, during which LebMASH’s mission and vision and upcoming projects were shared.