The SOC were translated by Leen Hashem, a BA in Media Studies, MA in Gender Studies, researcher and translator. The booklet was designed by Adel Merheb, BA and MA in Graphic Design, specializing in NGO Branding and Communication. The translated document was reviewed twice by three LebMASH executive board members: Dr. Hasan Abdessamad, an Obstetrician & Gynecologist based in Seattle, USA, Dr. Omar Harfouch, MS in Public Health and Research Fellow based in Baltimore, USA, and Dr. Chadi Ibrahim, a Psychiatrist and Clinical Sexologist based in Lebanon.The Arabic translation review required a significant amount of editorial effort to remain scientifically accurate, medically relevant and culturally competent while remaining faithful to the original content of the WPATH document. An additional page was added at the end to give credits to the team mentioned here as well as to WPATH for the fund that supported this work.As agreed with WPATH in our meeting in Amsterdam in June 2016 between Dr. Abdessamad and Dr. Devor:

  1. LebMASH will publicly endorse WPATH SOC and apply it in Lebanon.
  2. The document carries both logos of WPATH and LebMASH.
  3. The document will appear on websites of both WPATH and LebMASH.
  4. LebMASH will share the results of our field study in Lebanon on transgender health status and needs and will provide National Supplementary Document to the SOC in English and Arabic once that research is finalized.
  5. Both WPATH and LebMASH will work on spreading this document in Arab speaking countries to increase its reach.

LebMASH is planning to release the Arabic SOC and the National Supplementary Document (due to be finalized mid March) in Beirut in April during a Press Conference.