Crowdsourcing Saves Student Scholarship

Our Zoomaal Campaign that ran from Sept. 1st till Nov. 2nd, 2015 just ended raising $5,760 and achieving 115% of our set goal. In content and add title Crowdsourcing saves student scholarship. The campaign received 2277 views, 962 shares and was backed by 57 contributors divided as follows:

  • 28 from USA raising $3,685
  • 13 from Lebanon raising $1420
  • 9 from Canada raising $380
  • 7 from Bahamas, Netherlands, UK, Greece, and UAE

Dr. Abdessamad, LebMASH immediate Past-President, saw Ahmad, BTS 2015 winner, in Portland, OR, USA in Sept. at GLMA Annual Meeting. He wrote: I witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm he had for developing his knowledge and expertise in the area of sexual health and LGBT health, and for bringing back to Lebanon his experience to set the track in the right direction towards a more inclusive approach to healthcare and education, with no exclusion based on gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.
LebMASH is mentoring Ahmad to publish his award-winning paper titled The Need for mental health research within the LGBT community in Lebanon in a peer-reviewed medical journal. This is the type of locally-cultivated research and scientific literature that is significantly lacking in Lebanon and that is essential to advance healthcare for all. BTS students who did not win the scholarship are also being mentored into refining their papers to be published on our website.