Third Lebanese Medical Group to Denounce Conversion Therapy

The Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA) has just announced today that “homosexuality is not a mental illness and thus requires no treatment”. This comes one week after the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) released a similar statement and 2 month after our position statement on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) or what is referred to as “conversion or reparative therapy”.
LPA strongly urges the media to verify the credentials of guests hosted to talk about psychology especially that this field is not very well controlled in Lebanon suggesting that some individuals might pretend to hold credentials they don’t have. This could be a reference to recent appearance of “psychologist” on OTV whose arguments about homosexuality were not scientifically accurate.
LebMASH commends LPA for releasing such an essential and over due position statement. This truly reflects LPA’s commitment to equality in healthcare, evidence-base medicine and prejudice-free practice.