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Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health – LebMASH. Our Association offers several ways for people to get involved in LebMASH.

  1. Volunteer: a volunteer would provide services for LebMASH, such as translating documents from English to Arabic or French, event organizing, graphic design, accounting and bookkeeping, academic quality writing, and research.
  1. Speaker: a speaker would participate in speaking engagements on behalf of LebMASH, including training and education events and media appearances related to sexual health and LGBT health.
  1. Partner: a partner would collaborate on an ongoing basis with LebMASH, either on one-time events or on ongoing projects.
  1. Board Member: a board member would commit to advancing the mission and objectives of LebMASH by dedicating time, skills, and financial resources to the Association. The minimum expectations from a board member:
  • Attending a monthly two-hour board meeting via video conferencing
  • Contributing annual dues to the Association
  • Participating in the annual strategic planning retreat, usually held in March of each year in Lebanon
  • Assume the oversight of at least one LebMASH project

Please, submit your resume and letter using the form below and make sure the letter of intent includes the following:

  • A description of your interest in sexual health and LGBT health
  • A description of why you are interested in LebMASH.
  • Description of prior involvement in non profit and non governmental work

For any clarification on the above please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address:


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